From concept to construction, our multi – disciplinary team of professionals helps you design and create beautiful outdoor spaces and landscapes that realize your vision while maintaining timelines, budgets, and the natural beauty of your surroundings

Landscape Consultancy

We consult and advise on what you should do with your outdoor spaces and strategically partner with you to bring to life your wildest and most creative imagination of that breathtaking outdoor

Lawn maintenance and Edging

An expertly maintained lawn ensures your space is accentuated. We trim and shape the edges of your flowers, hedges and also weed any plant over growths. We also edge walks, driveways and curbs

Landscape design

we bridge the space between landscape architecture and garden design to bring to life a combination of nature and beautiful scenery.

Flower bed design

because flowers complement and enhance outdoors,we specialize in flower bed design and house plants. We outsource local and exotic flowers you want to enhance your interior, exterior and outdoor

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We at Skeey decors make Cushions and throws in a wealth of fabrics and color, warmth and texture to complement your furnishings in your in terior.

Grass Planting and Maintenance

We work with all types of lawn grassese .g. Arabic grass, Zimbabwe grass, Pemba, carpet grass etc., exotic trees, red soil, manure and potted pl.a nts

Construction of Indoor and Outdoor fountains

We work with professional landscapers and architectures who specialize in construction and installation of fountains for both residential and commercial clients in a wide range of styles and can use everything from stones and ceramics to metal and glass.

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“We can never have enough of nature.”_

Henry David Thoreau